Nyonya Fried Chicken Recipe (Inchi Kabin)

December 19th, 2010Main Dish9 Comments
Inchi Kabin (Nyonya Fried Chicken)
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Inchi Kabin is the Nyonya version of deep-fried chicken. It was one of my late father’s favorites. I remember countless occasions when we were dining out at restaurants in Penang and he would always ask for Inchi Kabin, which was not always on the menu…

The main difference of Inchi Kabin compared to other fried chicken is that the chicken is usually twice-fried, so they are extremely crispy. Also, there is a special dipping sauce that goes with it, which is tangy, appetizing, and complements the crispy fried chicken perfectly. For an authentic Inchi Kabin recipe, I referred to my friend Madam Kwong, who used to be Nyonya food chef in Penang. Madam Kwong is so kind to share her Inchi Kabin recipe (including the dipping sauce) and photos with us. Do try it out the next time you make some fried chicken at home. Enjoy!

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  1. Looks so very delish…Did not know about the twice frying though until now. No wonder the skin turns out so very crispy!

    • Simon says:

      Well, double frying is a commonly used technique also in asian cuisine. Frying it on medium high heat first lets the chicken get evenly cooked on the inside, if cooked at too high heat for long amount of time the outside will be burned. Even for sweet sour chicken/pork they double fry the meat chunks to crisp it up.

      However, I tried inchi cabin too. This beats KFC any day.

  2. Wow this looks yummy, i love fried chicken. Will give this a go. There’s one indonesian fried chicken recipe similar to this but we cook it in coconut water first. That’s also yummy

  3. Jenny says:

    Look delicious! why do you called this Inchi Kabin?

  4. Simon says:

    I also thought about the name. To remember the name of the dish i think about the word Inch, and then the word Cabin. Well. if it was a cabin measured in inches, people probably would not get any room there. But Inchy Kabin seems quite delicious and easy to remember.

  5. David says:

    Hello, can you help me understand the instructions, as I am confused.

    Here are my questions:

    It seems as if the instructions indicate to fry it for a total of 3 times? Is that correct?

    After the first deep frying (3/4 cooked), do I remove the chicken from the pot to let the chicken cool? Or do I keep it in the pot and wait for both the oil and the chicken to cool down? If so, how much do I let it cool down?


  6. Min says:

    Hi, I’ve tried this at home a couple of times, and it was a hit with my family (i.e., husband and kids). I deep-fried it the first time and it was really delicious. However, as we’re normally a very health-conscious family, I tried grilling it the second time. I know it’s not the same, but it turned out just as nice :) Thank you! I’m starting to get interested in Nyonya cooking, so this is my “go-to” place on the internet! Cheers, Min.

  7. TT says:

    I love nyonya 綠豆糕 very much. Just wondering if you have the recipe and willing to share?



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