Nyonya Baba Cuisine

March 11th, 2011Eating Out5 Comments
Nyonya Baba Cuisine
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The best Nyonya food is served at home. In many Peranakan households, dishes such as loh bak, otak-otak, gulai tumis, etc., are prepared constantly or at the very least, during festivities or as offerings for the many prayers. I grew up eating Nyonya food but never appreciated the cuisine when I was little…

Since I arrived home in Penang a month ago, I have been scouring the best Nyonya food in Penang. Last week, my brother and his family had lunch at Nyonya Baba Cuisine at Nagore Road and had a feast of many traditional Nyonya dishes. The restaurant’s intimate setting offers a private dining feel; the friendly owners and the ambiance made me feel like I was eating at home. The dishes prepared also reminded me of the tastes of my childhood as they were exactly how my late grandmother used to prepare them.

Click on the gallery above to view all the popular dishes served at Nyonya Baba Cuisine. If you are in Penang and wish to try the best of Nyonya food and kuih and learn more about the culture, join our Nyonya and Perakanan tour.

Nyonya Baba Cuisine
44 Nagore Road,

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  1. Tan says:

    The array of Nyonya food you had reminded me of our family’s dinner in Penang. I also came from a Nyonya family but didn’t really appreciate the dishes. I’m in London now and can’t find anything remotely close to the Nyonya flavours.

  2. PeterPantryRaider says:

    I see you have tried the hong bak already. I’m sure you liked it. Did you get the recipe from the restaurant cook to share with us?

  3. Kiran says:

    OMG! The sambal, kerabu and gulai has my name all over it :) So sedap!

  4. marilea says:

    I’ve been looking for Nyonya food for the longest time and I can’t find one in San Diego or anywhere else in California. Help!

  5. simplysedap says:

    Most definitely, this place is a must stop for those who likes real ‘home cooked’ nyonya food. CK brought me there during my last trip and I could not believe that I could eat this quality food ever these days. The problem is that most restaurants offer a very commercial version of nyonya food. I do hope Nyonya Baba cuisine continue to preserve their tradtional style of ingredients and food.


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